Fuel Dispenser Eurostar DT ET



Eurostar ET and DT Fuel Dispenser Series

Eurostar ET xx-MP(Suction Type) and DT xx-MP (Dispenser Type) Petroleum dispensers are designed for high performance and durability. Their ATEX approved design make them tough and safe enough for the hardest conditions. 


Features :

  • Eurostar Fuel Dispensers optimize your business with its compact design across every market while keeping your budget.
  • ATEX approved design
  • MID approved hydraulics make you sure about accuracy.
  • Capacity : 45 , 70 or 120 lt/min.
  • From 2 grades, 2 nozzles to 4 grades and 10 nozzles configurations. 
  • WYN-Dart compatible automation connection
  • Volume or Monay preset filling.
  • Fuel Dispensers are offered in a choice of configurations, with a selection of options to meet existing and anticipated needs.