What kind of electronic calculators do you use in your dispensers? What are the general specs?

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Currently we are using and manufacturing 2 type of electronics, S4 Pro-B and Pro-C4 which is based on S4 Pro-B but improved hardware version. General specs of both electronics are :

  • Support up to 4 nozzle,4 display,4 electromechanic counter at the same time.

  • Includes WYN-Dart and S4-Dart protocols over Current Loop communication.

  • Can work with 110V or 220V AC according to PSU selection.

  • Ability to make electonic W&M calibration and Automatic Temperature Compensation(ATC).

  • Error reporting and history.

  • Manufacturer, Serviceman, Pump Salesman and Station Administrator level password protection for menus.

  • Easy operations with Alfa-Numeric keyboard nad 2*16 Dotmatrix.

  • Mutiple Language support. (English and Turkish are default)

For more information please refer Pro-C4 Datasheet