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Europump LPG Filling Scales are suitable for the filling up of every type of cylinders and may be installed both singly and on side-by-side arrangement on a chain conveyor or mounted on a carousel or mobile filling stations.

Features :

  • Clock scale 100 Kg. capacity at one turn, of greatest precision and reliability.
  • Base platform mm.500 x mm.550 covered with a plate in self-lubricating mm.10 high.
  • In alternative the base dish can be supplied with a roller table for charging cylinders frontally or sideways.
  • Dial Ø mm.600 scale kg.100 div. gr.100.
  • Compass situated on the dial that allows the predisposition of the weight on all the arc of the dial with a comfortable handle group.
  • Weight measurement is automatic by pneumatic sensor.
  • Column supporting horizontal filling head complete with balancing weight.
  • Hand pneumatic horizontal gun for screw valves
  • Pneumatic valves (pre-closing and closing) to intercept LPG automatically controlled by pneumatic sensors
  • Start push button
  • Stop push button.
  • Completely pneumatic operation .
  • Input pressure of feeding 6 Bar by dried air.

Device dimensions and weight


Height A

1550 mm

Depth B

700 mm

Width C

500 mm

Total weight

92 Kg