Pro-C4 Dispenser Calculator

Pro-C4 Dispenser Calculator is specially desinged accordign to long live experiences and high technology. Compents and state of art structure makes it perfect for controlling Fuel and LPG dispensers up to 4 nozzle without additional unit (For other configurations you can contact us). We are producing it cost affective but hard envoirement conditions like weather and humudity.


 A typical Pro-C4 Calculator set includes following units :


A mainboard which inclues 64K Fram and RTC. A relay unit that can control 1 motor and 8 valves Standart 8x8x6 Digit LCD Display or backlighted 6x6x5 Digit LCD module.
Alfanumeric Keyboard with/without backlighted membrane and 2*16 Dotmatrix information screen. 40 Vac - 280 Vac 50Hz. Switching Mode power supply. Non-Returning electomechanical totalizor for one,two or quadro nozzle configurations.(optional)
  A temperature sensor for automatic temperature compensation (optional)