skid lpg station


Skid System LPG Station

 Europump LPG filling skid stations are specially designed for people who is looking for compact and mobile solutions to fill LPG to cars or cylinders. Europump is one of most experienced skid LPG station manufacturer in the market. Our Skid Systems are used worldwide from Poland to Yemen in many year with great satisfaction.


Main Features:

  • Low investment costs
  • Quick return of investment
  • Flexible solution and arranged according to DPR recommendations
  • Various size of LPG Storage tanks which installed on the skid with all accessories.
  • Simple layout and maximum safety
  • Minimum civil works and engineering at site.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Easy and safe to operate.
  • Comprise all necessary equipment for safe and reliable filling of gas cylinders or cars.
  • Emergency stop systems.
  • Electronic Level Gauge.
  • Alarm system for Low & High Level.
  • Complete electrical control panel with gas sensors.
  • Ex-proof connections for all electrical equipments..
  • Gas Sensing and alarm system.
  • High performance pump options.
  • Optional automation systems connections.
  • All equipments and piping system designed according to European norms like ATEX, MID and PED.


Modular design: 

Our LPG skid stations are designed as modular structure because of every customer has different needs.

Basically a LPG Skid Station consists of following items or combinations of following items.


LPG Storage Tank:

LPG storage unit of lpg skid station. It is designed specially for LPG storage and can be various capacities and dimensions. LPG Storage tanks can be vertical or horizontal layouts.
Although most of tanks are designed for aboveground installations, it is also possible to design underground applications too. 

Common LPG storage tank configurations are as follows :

  • 3m3  (Approx 1.5mt) horizontal or aboveground
  • 5m3  (Approx 2.5mt) horizontal or aboveground
  • 10m3 (Approx 5mt) horizontal
  • 20m3 (Approx 10mt) horizontal


LPG Filling Pump:

We can offer you two type of filling pump for your skid station; Regenerative or Side Channel LPG Pumps.


LPG Filling Module:

This module is the most critical unit for your skid application, following options are available:

  • LPG Dispenser with PD Meter :
    • Specially designed for autogas applications with volumetric measurement in liters or gallon.
    • Option to fill preset values as money or liter
    • Automatic Temperature Compensation
    • Available to communicate with common Forecourt Automation systems.
  • LPG Dispenser with Mass Flow Meters :
    • Advanced LPG Dispensers and equipped with coriolis flow meters.
    • Those dispenser can be used for autogas and cylinder filling. Those dispensers have option for volume measurement in liter/gal and also mass measurement in kg/lb.
    • Option to fill preset values as money or volume or mass.
    • Automatic Temperature Compensation
    • Available to communicate with common Forecourt Automation systems.
  • LPG Filling Scale with Electronic Register : 
    • Designed just to fill cylinders for predetermined cylinder sizes.
    • Option to fill preset values as mass.
    • Available to communicate with a custom automation systems.
  • LPG Filling Scale with Mechanical Gauge :
    • Those scales are designed to fill predetermined cylinder sizes only.


LPG Control Panel:

 Europump Station Control Panel is specially designed for you monitoring and safety needs in your station.

  • LPG Tank level monitoring.
  • Alarms for low level and high levels of tank liquid.
  • Gas Leakage Sensor alarms.
  • Pump and dispenser phase controls.
  • Emergency stop button.
  • Three phase electricity control.
  • Optional remote control with PLC models.


Optional Accessories :

  • Water sprinkle systems
  • Gas leakage detectors
  • Transfer pump from bobtails to LPG storage tanks.
  • Inlet flow meters to measure fillings to LPG storage tanks.