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lpg mastermeter
LPG Mastermeter
Europump LPG Mastermeter , used for calibration and measurement of commercial LPG Dispensers,is the right, fast and efficient device. Electronic Mastermeters include ATC (Automatic Temperature Correction). Europump mastermeter is proven its reputation by many weight and measure authorities of many governments like Poland and Turkey.

General Features

  • Accurate hydraulics
  • Fits easily into a standard service car.
  • Specially designed electronic for measurements with Automatic Temperature Compensation(ATC) according to ASTM tables.
  • Direct density measurement (optional)
  • Vapour elimination system
  • Optional software for PC-based control with RS232 connection.

Technical Specifications :

Flowrate 5-50 liter per minute
Accuracy ± 2.5%
Working Temperature -40 / + 60 °C
Measurement With or without ATC
Communication RS232
Density Measurement Optional with a density probe
Weight 65 kg
Size 400x700x500 mm

Typical arrangement for calibration of a LPG Dispenser with a LPG Mastermeter :