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The termodensimetro u is no tool that is used to detect the density of the product in the state
liquid. The LPG is located in the liquid state because it is
content in refrigerated containers or under pressure, the image on the right depicts a







Thermo Densitometer for density measurement of LPG

Europump LPG thermodensimeter is a special tool that is equipped with hydrometer (thermometer and hydrometer) that allows to identify the product density LPG to a given reference temperature, through a simple and safe withdrawal of product within a cylinder of transparent verification, tested and verified for operating pressures up to 18 bar.

The hydrometer, is inside the transparent container, also floats entering inside a small amount of product to be tested and allows to detect the density, the temperature of the product. By comparing with a table ASTM-IP table with the measurement allows to identify density of  LPG.