Europump International

EFMS - Europump Fuel Management System

 EFMS is consisted of a web of interconnected software infrastructure directed to provide a complete automation solution for a petroleum company. The modular structure enables a wide range of users from a single dispenser filling point to a multinational scaled company to enjoy the benefits of the system. With the help of continuously extending abilities of the Cloud technologies such as real time data collection, advanced monitoring functionality, fast and accurate reporting, etc. companies can  enjoy better and detailed collection of data to lead them making quicker decisions, better planning of supply mechanisms, optimal management of storage facilities along with many other advantages.

The system is consisted of integrated operation of following Products/Components:

  • Forecourt Automation and Market Sales
  • Truck Fleet Management
  • Petroleum Filling Terminal/Distribution Center Management
  • Head Office Automation
  • Government Imposed Tasks Automation
  • CRM and Reporting
Please download PDF file for detailed information