Europump International

Eurostar M62 Fuel Dispenser

Europump M62 is an advanced fuel dispenser series for your fuel station. Metering system and durable materials to provide long-lasting performance. Also, an optional LPG module is available for combo dispensers.

Our advanced technology and experience helps to create an unique dispenser line for you.

Main Features :

  • Attractive modern design.
  • Advanced electronics.
  • Gear type fuel pump for silent operation.
  • Advanced multimedia options.
  • MID and ATEX approvals.
  • LPG Combo option.
  • Capacity : 45 , 70 or 120 lt/min.
  • From 2 grades, 2 nozzles to 4 grades and 10 nozzles configurations. 
  • Volume or Money preset filling.
  • LPG combo dispenser option.
Fuel Dispenser - Eurostar M62

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