Europump International

Eurostar MP Fuel Dispenser

Eurostar MP fuel dispenser is designed for high performance and durability. Because of  design, it is ready for tough for the hardest conditions. 

User experience matters. Easy to use experience of a Eurostar fuel dispenser boots your sales.

Main Features :

  • Advanced electronic system.
  • ATEX-approved design for safety.
  • MID-approved metering system makes you sure about accuracy.
  • Different Capacity options : 45 , 70 or 120 lt/min.
  • From 1 grade, 2 nozzles to 4 grades and 10 nozzles configurations. 
  • Volume or Money preset filling.
  • Easy calibration.
  • Suction fuel pump with gear type for more silent operation.
  • Numeric keypad and information screen.
  • Compatible with forecourt automation systems.
  • Multimedia addon ready.
  • Stainless steel or electrostatic galvanized frame option.
Fuel Dispenser - Eurostar MP

Optional Addons :

  • Receipt Printer.
  • Vapor Recovery.
  • Sdcard Logger.
  • Credit card acceptor.
  • Cloud Automation Connection.

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