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Fuel Dispensers

A fuel dispenser is a machine to pump gasoline, diesel, or other liquid fuels. Also known as fuel pumps in East Europe. Also, there are different names in different countries too. For example; petrol bowser in Australia, petrol pump in Commonwealth countries, or gas pump in North America.

Fuel Dispenser and Pump

A fuel dispenser is a very important piece of equipment in your fuel station. Because it is the first machine that salutes your customers. Besides, a fuel dispenser is a machine that will count your sales. 

Europump has different fuel dispenser options for your specific application.  It can be a suction type with a built-in fuel pump. Or just a fuel dispenser that is used an external submersible fuel pump.

The fuel pump has a nominal flow rate range from 40 to 130 liter per min. So complete flexibility like different flow rates and hose configuration.

We are obsessed with quality. Firstly we design our fuel dispensers is according to European Norms. Secondly ATEX and MID are the main directives. Thirdly, our ISO9001 certified quality system helps us to track all states of production. Finally; all fuel dispenser models are certified by European Notified Bodies

Fuel dispensers are manufactured with good quality components. And they are coming with four pistons meter with very high repeatability.


  • Choices of different meters to match your fueling configuration.
  • Modular design that simplifies service and reduces installation times.
  • Measurement accuracy up to +/- 0.2%.
  • Corrosion-resistant galvanized iron or stainless steel frames.
  • LPG Combo addon.
  • Electronic or mechanical calibration options.
  • Compatible with common forecourt automation systems.
  • High-end multimedia and interactive features.


  • Engineered for efficiency and security, but designed for convenience.
  • Customer-friendly sale display.
  • User-friendly interface with alphanumeric keyboard.
  • İnformation screen.
  • Durable hydraulic and electronic.
  • Our modern, uniform design.
  • Engaging experience to grow your business
  • Different branding and paint options.

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