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How to make electronic calibration?

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Before Start :

Before start you will need following equipment :

  • LPG Dispenser
  • A LPG mastermeter or any prover device that can used as reference measurement. It is also important that this prover device should be approved by legal authorities.
  • A piece of paper and  a pen.
  • A calculator or computer

Observation Measurement :

Please follow the steps below to make first measurement. This measurement is very important because of we are going to use this measured values to make correction calculations. Without a correct reference prover measurement, you can not make calibration.

  1. Connect the LPG nozzle of dispenser to prover device.
  2. If you are using mastermeter, please make sure that you check ATC function off dispenser is on or off.  Normally ATC is off as default factory settings.  We also advise to do calibration should be done while ATC function is off.  If you are using tubes and weight gainers as Prover device instead of mastermeter then turn off ATC from dispenser side.
    PS: If you are using weight gainer or scale you should know real density of LPG during measurement. It is normally impossible if you do not have theremodensiometer or a density measurement device. 
  3. Switch on the dispenser to start LPG flow.
  4. Switch off the dispenser until liter counts reaches to predefined liter value. We advises this value as 50 liter. But in case of using filling tubes and weight gainers instead of mastermeters, this value can be 10 or 15 liters too.
  5. Take note this measurement values on paper.

    Example :

    Dispenser measurement shows : 50.00 liter
    Prover measurement shows : 51,00 liter

  6. Use the following formula to make calculation of error :
    Error = (Prover Measurement – Dispenser Measurement) / Prover Measurement * 100
  7. If the calculated error value is more more than the value that legal authorities’ declaration then it is needed to make calibration. PS: Calibration range value is declared as ±0,5% in most of countries.

    Example : If we return to our example, if we use the formula above, our error is 2% so dispenser should be calibrated. Because dispenser is measuring 2% less than it should measure.


  1.  You can make electronic calibration from W&M Calibration Menu under Service Menu. This function may be physically or electronically sealed based on your country legal requirements.
  2. Dispenser default k-factor is blank or 0 or 1000. This means each pulse read by electronic register, will be multiplied by 1. 
  3. Enter k-factor as you need to make calibration :
    If you enter a factor like 1020 it means, each pulse read by register will be multiplied by 1.02. So dispenser measure less but shows more as expected.
    If you enter a factor like 980 it means, each pulse read by register will be multiplied by 0.98. So dispenser measure more but shows less as expected.
  4.  Make additional control measurement to check.

    PS:  Due physical structure of LPG or meter mechanical accuracy structure of Meters. Calibration values will be more like a range of values than fixed number.
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