Europump International


LPG Dispenser

Europump’s LPG dispensers are among the most reliable and durable LPG dispensers in the market. Their modern design and advanced metering system should make them your first choice.

Different hydraulic system options :

Europump can offer you two different type of hydraulic systems for your dispenser :

Hydraulic system with Europump MT-100 positive displacement meters :

Europump MT-100 is volumetric type flow meter with pistons. It has been specifically redesigned from its italian origins to measure the flow of LP Gas in the liquid phase, and may also be used for many other liquids. The design and materials used assure good wear and corrosion resistance, accuracy in the measurement at any delivery speed, steadiness of calibration and low maintenance costs.

Hydraulic system with Coriolis mass flow meters :

Coriolis mass flow meters are specially designed for flow measurement of LPG for dispensing and truck unloading. It combines an integrated temperature measurement with intelligent conversion functions, providing temperature, mass, density or volume measurement or correction directly on dispenser.

Advanced Electronic Controller Unit :

Europump dispensers come with advanced electronic controller units which are also easy to use. 

  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Alphanumeric Keyboard
  • 2*16 Dot Matrix information screen
  • 8x6x6 or 6x6x5 Digit LCD Options
  • Preset functions via push buttons.
  • Unit price display per product.
  •  Optional Low temperature kit
  • Dart protocol for forecourt solutions for a wide range of markets
  • Emergency Stop Button

Suitable for different environmental conditions :

  • Ambient temperature: -25°C to +55°C
  • Cold climate: -40°C to +55°C (optional)
  • Viscosity of fluid: < 10-4 m2/s
  • Relative humidity: 5% to 95%

Wide frame options :

We have wide range of LPG dispenser frame options that will provide you flexibility for unique layout of your fuelling station. Each type of LPG dispenser can be supplied as painted galvanise or stainless steel frames :

Eurostar Tn-SL2 LPG DispenserEurostar En-SL Series LPG DispenserEurostar Tn-XL Series LPG Dispensers
Eurostar Tn-SL Series LPG DispensersEurostar En-SM Series Multimedia LPG DispenserEurostar Tn-Xm Series Multimedia Lpg Dispenser