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Electronic LPG Filling Scale

Electronic LPG filling scale is a digital weighing scale for lpg cylinder. Our lpg filling scales are also designed to be user friendly. So they can be calibrated electronically easily too. 

 Our LPG filling scales are suitable for the filling up of every type of cylinders. Filing scale may be installed both standalone. Besides side-by-side arrangement with a chain conveyor is possible too. 

General Features

  • Suitable for 12kg-45kg LPG cylinders
  • Automatic entry and exit is optional
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Internal fittings are screw joined for easy dismantling.
  • Can be used with pneumatic or manual filling nozzles.

Technical Specifications :

  • Weight Accuracy:  50 gr.
  • Filling Accuracy: 100 gr.
  • Maximum Capacity: 35 kg.
  • Minimum weight limit: 7kg.
  • Scale Weight:107 kg
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How does an electronic LPG filling scale work?

 An electronic filling scale is consists of a load cell, pneumatic or solenoid valve, electronic register in a frame.
 When a user puts LPG Cylinder on the top of the filing platform; load-cell sensor gets weight as force. As the weight of cylinder increases the force applied is increases too. The electrical signal changes proportionally. That signal gets by electronic register. As a result electronic CPU decide to open or close control valves for filling.

lpg filling scales