Europump International

LPG Flow Meters

Europump provides various metering solutions for LPG stationary and mobile applications (like LPG bobtail / Trucks). We definitely have a suitable LPG flow meter for bobtails / trucks , bulk plants and LPG Dispensers. You can select positive displacement and Coriolis mass flow meters.

All meters are designed according to OIML requirements besides having local requirements like ATEX, GOST or NTEP.  As a result, you will have a safe and accurate measurement for custody transfer applications too. Our sales representatives will be glad to help you to select the best solution for you.

Which LPG meter to choose? Mass of PD Meter?

Coriolis Mass Flowmeters can measure mass, volume, density and temperature with high precision while Positive Displacement Meters can only measure Volume. Besides PD Meters needs more maintenance because of mechanical parts inside. Also, PD meters are sensitive against corossion.

There are some trials that are trying to show Mass (Kg) based on measured volume from PD meters and predefined fixed density. Unfortunately, those systems are not accurate since it is not possible to calculate density changes from the beginning till the end of the filling process.

Although mass meter specifications are superior to PD Meters, PD meters are an economical way to measure flow if you just need that. But if you want long-term investment with less maintenance fees with higher accuracy then better to use mass flow meters.