Europump International

LPG Dispenser - Eurostar Tn-XM

Eurostar Tn-XM Series Multimedia LPG Dispenser


Beyond a LPG Dispenser …

Europump Tn-XM Multimedia Series offers multimedia capabilities beyond an ordinary LPG dispensers. We offer you next-gen technology of transforming the LPG Dispensers into powerful multidimensional profit centre.

Improve your customer’s convenience

The 32″ screen will be the star in the forecourt, vibrantly projecting your advertising or promotional campaign. This unique multimedia capabilities to show promotions, drive information and merchandising help drive end customers loyalty and stimulate additional sales.

Features :

  • Stylish look to attract your customers
  • Easy to use
  • Different Configurations from Single nozzle to Four nozzle
  • Centralized or Standalone Multimedia control options
  • 32″ Multimedia Screen. 
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Electronic or Mechanic Calibration
  • Preset buttons
  • Alfa-Numeric Keyboard
  • High accuracy and long life Meter made in Italy
  • MID and ATEX approvalsa