Europump International


LPG skid scale pump

Skid Type Cylinder Filling Mini-Plant


 If you need a solution to fill cylinders with minimum costs, lpg skid scale pump filling solutions of Europump will be good solution for you.

  • Italian Clock scale for easy and fast refilling up to 100 Kg capacity, extremely reliable and accurate.
  • Filling speed nearly twice the speed of Roman scale units
  • Manually controlled radial lever device for scale settings at the requested net weight value.
  • Manually controlled pneumatic pincer to clamp closing handle taps
  • Pneumatic valves for GPL interception, automatically controlled by weight survey systems.
  • Pneumatic board with logic circuits execution
  • Stopbutton
  • Filter regulator, lubricant, and pressure gauge group
  • Regenerative Turbine LPG pump with 5 KW Ex 2900-rpm motor. Flow rate up to 120 lit/min .Differential pressure 13 bar. Self-priming (for above and underground tanks)